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Audio data in uncompressed wav format

F_0050_10y9m_1.wav     11M  
F_0101_10y4m_1.wav    5.7M  
F_0101_13y1m_1.wav    2.7M  
F_0101_15y2m_1.wav    9.6M  
F_0111_09y6m_1.wav     12M  
F_0558_09y3m_1.wav    5.5M  
F_0558_10y0m_1.wav     11M  
F_0560_11y7m_1.wav     11M  
F_0811_10y4m_1.wav     11M  
F_0811_10y6m_1.wav     11M  
F_0818_12y4m_1.wav    9.9M  
F_0818_14y2m_1.wav     10M  
F_0879_12y5m_1.wav     11M  
F_0987_12y8m_1.wav     10M  
F_0988_12y8m_1.wav    9.8M  
F_0988_13y6m_1.wav     11M  
F_1039_09y3m_1.wav     11M  
F_1116_09y6m_1.wav     19M  
M_0017_08y9m_1.wav     11M  
M_0017_09y0m_1.wav     13M  
M_0017_09y4m_1.wav     12M  
M_0028_15y11m_1.wav    11M  
M_0030_12y1m_1.wav     13M  
M_0030_12y1m_2.wav     11M  
M_0030_12y7m_1.wav     12M  
M_0030_12y9m_1.wav     11M  
M_0030_13y1m_1.wav     11M  
M_0030_16y4m_1.wav    8.8M  
M_0030_17y9m_1.wav     11M  
M_0030_19y5m_1.wav     13M  
M_0052_12y8m_1.wav     11M  
M_0052_12y10m_1.wav   9.6M  
M_0052_13y1m_1.wav     11M  
M_0052_14y4m_1.wav     11M  
M_0052_16y4m_1.wav     10M  
M_0061_14y1m_1.wav     11M  
M_0061_14y1m_2.wav    9.6M  
M_0061_14y3m_1.wav     11M  
M_0061_14y7m_1.wav     11M  
M_0061_14y8m_1.wav     11M  
M_0061_14y9m_1.wav     11M  
M_0061_15y0m_1.wav     10M  
M_0061_16y9m-1.wav    5.8M  
M_0061_18y5m_1.wav     17M  
M_0065_14y5m_1.wav     12M  
M_0065_18y1m_1.wav    8.7M  
M_0077_11y2m_1.wav    9.9M  
M_0078_12y4m_1.wav     11M  
M_0078_14y4m_1.wav     12M  
M_0078_16y5m_1.wav    6.5M  
M_0078_17y11m_1.wav    11M  
M_0081_09y3m_1.wav     11M  
M_0087_08y4m_1.wav     11M  
M_0089_05y4m_1.wav     12M  
M_0090_10y1m_1.wav     12M  
M_0091_11y4m_1.wav    8.5M  
M_0092_09y11m_1.wav   6.5M  
M_0094_10y6m_1.wav    9.6M  
M_0095_07y7m_1.wav     10M  
M_0095_08y10m_1.wav    11M  
M_0096_10y7m_1.wav     11M  
M_0098_07y8m_1.wav     11M  
M_0098_09y8m_1.wav     12M  
M_0098_10y6m_1.wav     10M  
M_0100_11y2m_1.wav     13M  
M_0100_12y3m_1.wav     10M  
M_0100_13y7m_1.wav     13M  
M_0100_13y10m_1.wav    11M  
M_0102_09y6m_1.wav     12M  
M_0104_10y3m_1.wav    7.8M  
M_0104_11y2m_1.wav     12M  
M_0104_12y1m_1.wav     12M  
M_0104_12y7m_1.wav     12M  
M_0104_12y8m_1.wav     11M  
M_0104_12y9m_1.wav     15M  
M_0104_13y3m_1.wav     11M  
M_0107_07y7m_1.wav    2.9M  
M_0107_08y5m_1.wav     10M  
M_0112_10y7m_1.wav    9.7M  
M_0121_11y1m_1.wav    8.0M  
M_0121_15y1m_1.wav    9.4M  
M_0124_10y1m_1.wav     13M  
M_0126_06y11m_1.wav    11M  
M_0128_07y10m_1.wav    11M  
M_0132_12y11m_1.wav   8.7M  
M_0133_08y9m_1.wav    7.4M  
M_0138_12y2m_1.wav     10M  
M_0138_13y3m_1.wav     11M  
M_0146_10y0m_1.wav     11M  
M_0210_11y3m_1.wav     11M  
M_0212_11y1m_1.wav     11M  
M_0213_10y10m_1.wav    11M  
M_0214_09y4m_1.wav     12M  
M_0216_11y6m_1.wav     10M  
M_0216_12y1m_1.wav     11M  
M_0217_12y4m_1.wav     10M  
M_0219_11y2m_1.wav     14M  
M_0219_14y3m_1.wav     13M  
M_0234_09y9m_1.wav     10M  
M_0251_15y2m_1.wav     11M  
M_0394_08y10m_1.wav    10M  
M_0394_09y2m_1.wav     10M  
M_0394_09y5m_1.wav     11M  
M_0394_10y2m_1.wav     11M  
M_0399_12y4m_1.wav     13M  
M_0553_10y0m_1.wav    7.0M  
M_0553_11y0m_1.wav    6.3M  
M_0556_07y8m_1.wav     10M  
M_0556_08y0m_1.wav     10M  
M_0760_12y3m_1.wav     10M  
M_0814_14y5m_1.wav     12M  
M_0815_10y9m_1.wav     11M  
M_0815_10y11m_1.wav    11M  
M_0817_10y4m_1.wav    9.8M  
M_0819_11y11m_1.wav    11M  
M_0821_10y1m_1.wav     10M  
M_0880_13y4m_1.wav     11M  
M_0880_14y6m_1.wav    6.7M  
M_0991_07y6m_1.wav     10M  
M_0991_08y4m_1.wav     10M  
M_1011_13y10m_1.wav   8.3M  
M_1017_11y8m_1.wav    8.7M  
M_1017_12y5m_1.wav     10M  
M_1036_09y3m_1.wav    9.0M  
M_1064_47y0m_1.wav     18M  
M_1097_26y0m_1.wav     28M  
M_1098_25y0m_1.wav    8.8M  
M_1099_25y0m_1.wav     34M  
M_1100_28y0m_1.wav     39M  
M_1101_35y0m_1.wav     16M  
M_1102_24y0m_1.wav     15M  
M_1103_20y0m_1.wav     16M  
M_1104_40y0m_1.wav     23M  
M_1105_21y0m_1.wav     43M  
M_1106_25y0m_1.wav    7.6M  
M_1107_38y0m_1.wav     11M  
M_1112_09y9m.1.wav     11M  
M_1114_09y10m.1.wav    12M
All .wav Audio Files zipped (1.2GB)  

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