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The Transcription Formats


The table at the bottom of this page lists transcriptions with time markers that point to the locations where these events are located in the audio files.

Time marked CHAT files obtained from Sonic mode are given in the left hand column. At the end of the first *SUB line are the numbers 45 and 548 which are the time values in milliseconds from the start of the file to the beginning of the repetition of ‘ah’ indicated by ‘AA AA A’.

PRAAT produces TextGrid format as its output. It produces a list with time markers on the left and the corresponding segments annotated on the right.

SFS is a dump of the aligned transcriptions using one of the utilities available in that software. Again it provides a list of time markers and annotations (left and right respectively).


Example Transcription Formats


@Font:   Monaco:9                                      
@Languages:   en                                      
@Participants:   SUB M_0030_16y4m_1 Subject           
@ID:         en|uclspeechgroup|SUB|||||Subject||      
@Date:       23-JUL-2004                              
@Comment:    Monologue phonetic transcription data.   
@Comment:    The transcription uses the JSRU scheme   
@Comment     which uses the plain ASCII char set      
@Comment     and is coded in the %pho dependant tier. 
@Comment:    JSRU stress markers have been converted  
@Comment     to CHAT stress markers.                  
@Comment:    JSRU word type markers have been removed 
@Comment     and are now indicated on the %com tier.  
@Comment:    Dysfluencies are coded in upper case.    
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_45_548      
%pho:        AA AA A.                                 
%com:        Function                                 
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_557_987     
%pho:        //relth.                                 
%com:        Content                                  
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_987_1120    
%pho:        -ee.                                     
%com:        NA                                        
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_1124_1572   
%pho:        A Ath.                                   
%com:        Content                                  
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_1572_1792   
%pho:        //een.                                   
%com:        NA                                       
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_1792_1865   
%pho:        -ee.                                     
%com:        NA                                        
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_1865_2066   
%pho:        /an.                                     
%com:        NA                                       
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_2075_3150   
%pho:        QQQQQQQQQQ.                              
%com:        NA                                       
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_3190_3368   
%pho:        in.                                      
%com:        Function                                  
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_3368_3633   
%pho:        //sted.                                  
%com:        NA                                       
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_3642_3711   
%pho:        av.                                       
%com:        Function                                 
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_3793_3880   
%pho:        //pai.                                   
%com:        Content                                  
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_3880_4013   
%pho:        ingx.                                    
%com:        NA                                       
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_4031_4457   
%pho:        //taks.                                   
%com:        Content                                  
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_4457_4571   
%pho:        -az.                                     
%com:        NA                                       
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_4580_4699   
%pho:        far.                                     
%com:        Function                                 
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_4708_4763   
%pho:        a.                                        
%com:        Function                                 
*SUB:        yy. %snd:_"M_0030_16y4m_1"_4772_5060   
%pho:        //sin.                                   
%com:        Content
0 207.18446         
0 207.18446         
0.04528 "/AA AA A"  
0.54842 "x"         
0.55756 ":""relth"  
0.98752 "-ee"       
1.12016 "x"         
1.12474 ":A Ath"    
1.57299 """een"     
1.79238 "-ee"       
1.86556 "'an"       
2.06698 "x"         
2.07597 "QQQQQQQQQQ"
3.15085 "x"         
3.19007 "/in"       
3.36845 """sted"    
3.63374 "x"         
3.64289 "/av"       
3.71150 "x"         
3.79383 ":""pai"    
3.88074 "ingx"      
4.01339 "x"         
4.03168 ":""taks"   
4.45706 "-az"       
4.57141 "x"         
4.58056 "/far"      
4.69948 "x"         
4.70863 "/a"        
4.76352 "x"         
4.77267 ":""sin"    
0.04528 /AA AA A  
0.54842 x         
0.55756 :"relth   
0.98752 -ee       
1.12016 x         
1.12474 :A Ath    
1.57299 "een      
1.79238 -ee       
1.86556 'an       
2.06698 x         
3.15085 x         
3.19007 /in       
3.36845 "sted     
3.63374 x         
3.64289 /av       
3.71150 x         
3.79383 :"pai     
3.88074 ingx      
4.01339 x         
4.03168 :"taks    
4.45706 -az       
4.57141 x         
4.58056 /far       
4.69948 x         
4.70863 /a        
4.76352 x         
4.77267 :"sin     

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